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Our philosophy

We do not monitor, when you come to work
and leave, as well as we do not care where you prefer to work today
from home or from office

We are forming a team
of like-minded people
and provide you with the freedom to realize your potential

We do not like crashing bores and are never
on your back

The only thing —
we want from you is your love to work



We are located in a beautiful two-storied office
near Gostinka in the center of St. Petersburg

We prefer to work in the office —
this is how we faster learn from one another, but we are also ready for remote work

In our company

We do not demand money for colleagues’ birthday and other gifts besides
we equally
use Whatsapp and Telegram

We can maintain
a friendly atmosphere and respect for one another
and appreciate it

Coffee, fruits, beer
Coffee, fruits, beer
Subscription for the gym near our office
Subscription for the gym near our office
Discount on Skyeng, payment for courses and conferences
Discount on Skyeng, payment for courses and conferences

Answer, and we will meet
our bright future together ...

Java developer

Saint Petersburg/Remote work

We are currently looking for an experienced Java developer for an aviation project. You will have to work on the project in the Frontend and Backend developers’ team.


  • 3+ years of commercial Java development experience,
  • Understanding of the OOP and SOLID principles,
  • Confident knowledge of the spring boot framework,
  • Expertise in writing unit tests (junit, mockito),
  • Expertise in designing and writing Rest API,
  • Understanding the microservice architecture,
  • Expertise with queue brokers (RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc.), and
  • Expertise and willingness to work in a team, the ability to negotiate and communicate the value of solutions.


  • You know JAVA EE,
  • You have experience of working with Kafka (ability to configure and optimize)
  • You can use monitoring systems (we use Prometheus + Grafana), and
  • You have experience of working with Kubernetes.


  • We use Scrum,
  • We do not work in open spaces,
  • Clear task setting from business analysts,
  • Complete test environments: dev, stage, prod,
  • The ultimate goal is high-quality software, and
  • Team lead support and openness to suggestions.


  • Office located as far as two minutes of walk from the Gostiny Dvor metro station,
  • Subscription for the gym next to the office,
  • Purchase of professional literature and subscription to Medium, and

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