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We suit non-standard business processes
or a production that cannot be automated
using pre-made boxed decisions. The system will be tailored for
your company and implemented on PCs,
smartphones, and tablets.

Results of implementation

Deep analytics

When you partner with us, you don’t need to look for an expert in the company to study your business processes. We will allocate at least one analyst for you and send them to your office to conduct face-to-face interviews with the experts in your company for each industry. This procedure takes from 2 weeks to 3 months. This is our method for developing the Requirements Specification.

The “Terms of Reference” will be developed based on the Requirements Specification to describe the methods for the systems implementation. The document is described in “normal-people speak” and is focused on making sure that the company management understands the final product.

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Dedicated team

A full-fledged team of specialists will be allocated for your project. The team focuses on your project only. You can contact any team member at any time, ask them questions, and get an advice.

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Agile changes

We use Scrum – an agile software development method. It means that you will get the result not in the form of gigabytes of code. Instead, we will let you feel and experience really working functions every two weeks.

The need for certain business functions of a company often changes along with the company vector of development or the urgency of development in other areas. Scrum allows to painlessly replace the already approved works with a new task list.

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Integration with your systems

We will study all the software systems of your company: integrate with them, if necessary, or take over their rewriting for a new technological stack. We also have extensive experience in integration with external systems, this allows to save on time and development costs and use proven highly specialized systems for your industry: from weather forecasts to checking aircraft safety systems.

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Friendly interface

You will get a clickable prototype before the system development. You will be able to visit all the pages of the system, evaluate the usability, confirm that it is correct and that we correctly see the outcome of the project at the initial stage. We edit the interface after the test use for you and make the product interface perfectly friendly at this stage.

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The team is built based on the technologies that are best applicable to your project and ready for highly specialized software. You may already have systems that are better suited with Java, .NET, Node.js or PHP, and we will take this into consideration. Interfaces are developed using the modern and user-friendly JS frameworks, which means that the user will not have to wait a new page to load every time, because the system allows loading all the information on an already open page.

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Stage-by-stage testing

We are very passionate about the product launch in commercial operation. A tester is allocated for each project to cover the system with all kinds of automated tests and to conduct manual testing. Each developer is also responsible for their code and writes unit tests.


Home to the development team.
A full-fledged testing is conducted here by our team before demonstrating the system to the first users


We allow only few real users in – the so-called beta testers to work in the new system with real data. We analyze how the system works before launching it into commercial operation and upgrade it before it is released.


The system works at full capacity in the industrial operation.

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Warranty, support and SLA.

We provide one year of warranty for all the systems and promptly fix the detected bugs. We are also engaged in product support after the project completion.

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Once the main contract is completed, customers usually plan to further develop the system. We can offer you a full-fledged system development with the team that has deeply immersed into your processes in the course of the development and understands the technical component. In other words, the entire team remains with you and flexibly forms a work plan relevant for each sprint – the entire system will grow and develop with us and your company.

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We’ll solve the business problems of your company
with the help of technologies.

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Results of implementation

and system planning

  • Monitoring the task formation and the progress of their implementation in individual divisions of the company;
  • Interaction with employees in the unified environment, convenient processing of intermediate comments and content;
  • System of deadlines with reminders for employees about the timeline for each stage;
  • Reducing human resources by automating typical tasks;
  • Detailed reports on the intermediate stages and a summary of the time spent on individual tasks;
  • Involving auditors in business processes, systemically or locally, for the most problematic segments.

and workflow

  • Secure storage of the company documents with quick access to any of them;
  • Reporting and segmentation by individual periods;
  • Analytics of the current expenses, including operational accounting with multiple legal entities;
  • Automation of creating the working documentation, including contracts, acts, and accounts;
  • Integration of local data into the general task planning system;
  • Detailed income information, reports on debts by counterparties;
  • Financial forecasting based on summaries of previous periods and receivables.

with counterparties

  • A unified database of the existing and expired contracts;
  • Simplified billing;
  • Reporting on the dynamics of turnover with individual counterparties;
  • Recording the current events; reminders of the need to call the client and/or automatic mailing of letters;
  • Summary of contracts concluded for a specific period.


  • A unified database of departments and individual employees;
  • Flexible system of access by the company personnel to the system functions;
  • Real working time tracking and payroll generation;
  • Optimization of work schedules and vacations;
  • Formation of duty schedules and unscheduled works;
  • Performance reporting for departments and activities of individual employees;
  • Segmentation of available summaries for specific periods.

Current activities
of the company

  • Arranging meetings with automatic distribution of notifications to the employees involved;
  • Planning and discussion of agendas for upcoming meetings; and
  • Consolidation of the adopted results of discussions, flexible mailing of resolutions to departments and individual employees;


  • Unified system for processing the current contracts;
  • Adaptation of production management to changing market conditions;
  • Optimization of operating expenses at all levels;
  • Accounting for the planned and actual costs of products or services;
  • Adaptation of available resources to speed up the completion of individual contracts;
  • Consistent work with external constraints, quick processing of force majeure events;
  • Basic risk management.

and logistics

  • Control of stock balances and formation of a schedule of procurement/shipments of counterparties;
  • Detailed control of the movement of goods, prevention of inappropriate operations and theft at all levels;
  • Automatic generation of internal reporting documents;
  • Segmented accounting of revenues and expenses for each counterparty;
  • Forecasting and optimization of workload based on upcoming income and expenses.


Development using the terms of reference

We will develop the terms of reference, approve the prototypes, and estimate the final cost for the project. This type of cooperation is suitable for those who clearly understand what they want and when they need functions that do not require development in the future but rather solve a specific problem.

Specialist $/hour
Java (Spring, Grails) $40
JavaScript (Angular, Vue) $40
PHP (Laravel, YII2, Symfony) $40
iOS (Swift) $40
Android $40
Designer (Figma, Photoshop) $35

Agile development

We provide services on an hourly paid basis. The advantage of this approach is the ability to develop your project depending on the current goals and respond to feedback from real users. It is suitable for constantly developing long-term projects.


We use:
Oauth REST API PHP 7.2 Yii2 Codeception Postresql Oracle S3 Memcache Nginx Java JavaScript C# Swift Kotlin Kafka Docker Scrum C++ Angular Typescript RXJS Bootstrap BEM Core Data AFNetworking Alamofire Codable Reachability Masonry Crashlytics Fabric Motis Object Mapping


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Recent projects

Customer testimonials

A great team of professionals who quickly adapt to the regularly changing customer requirements and complete tasks efficiently and on time.

Anastasia Kovtun

S7 Airlines Project Manager

The guys from Kotelov developed a large-scale system that required extremely high technical expertise and helped us take the service on board to a new level.

Dmitry Butyanov

Microsoft RUS PBE

The design solutions for the implementation of the required functions proposed by the team resulted in the high-quality user-friendly product. All tasks have been completed on time and in full.

Alexander Lukash

Product owner S7 Airlines

The design solutions for the implementation of the required functions proposed by the team resulted in the high-quality user-friendly product. All tasks have been completed on time and in full.

Alexander Belimov

Project Manager at RostelecomLabs Next

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