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Web service for receiving cashback and promocodes for World of Retail

Web services
01 — Analytics

Goals and objectives

Developing a convenient service for receiving cashback, promocodes, and coupons.

  • Creating a convenient portal for customers;
  • Portal integration with global affiliate networks (such as Admitad, ActionPay, Rakuten, etc.);
  • Developing the user “Personal account” with the display of accruals and various ways of withdrawing funds;
  • Creating a CMS to enable an administrator to manage all internal processes associated with partners, users, and content.
02 — Process


Development of design was focused on usability. The design was developed with due consideration for the project development over 2 years and the stage-by-stage addition of new modules. Nice 3D graphics was developed for the project:

02 — Process


Many convenient filters and sortings were implemented on the website to quickly search by the store type, popularity, and cashback size.

02 — Process

Personal account

A personal account was developed that allowed to withdraw the accumulated money, view purchase history, and participate in the referral program.

03 — Development


A content management system was created from scratch and integrated with Admitad, which allowed to collect all financial information and key metrics on a convenient dashboard.

03 — Development


The website is perfectly displayed on all devices, from iPhone 5S to large iloveadaptive computer screens iloveadaptive.

03 — Results


The convenient and efficient service for receiving the largest cashback was developed. The a/b testing is currently underway in order to achieve the largest conversion, and various methods of product promotion by the Kotelov team are being tested.

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