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Production, sales and logistics automation system

Corporate software

How to transfer corporate business processes into a single information space.

01 — Analytics


The goal was to increase the company performance by introducing a single information space that included all business processes in the company’s activities.

01 — Analytics


  • Transferring the interactions among employees within the company to the CIS;
  • recording all interactions with contractors in the CIS;
  • фrecording and storing all the documentation arising in the company;
  • introducing a tool for interaction between the sales department and the production department;
  • creating a single catalog of the company’s product range;
  • creating a tool that automatically forms the individual cost of the product for a specific customer;
  • creating a tool recording the movement of stock and inventory balances;
  • creating a set of reports to keep the company management aware of the business.


The following modules were developed and implemented to achieve the goal:

02 — Process

Task module

This module allows to increase the efficiency, transparency, and control of communications in the internal activities of the company. The implementation of the module allowed to visually assess the workload and performance of each employee.

The management was able to monitor the efficiency of the tasks fulfilled.

02 — Process

Contractor module

This module allowed the company to record and save all the results of activities associated with contractors. The company employees were able to view all the results of working with contractors at any time, if necessary.

02 — Process

Document module

This module allowed the company to save all documents generated during the course of the company activities in a single place.

02 — Process

Request module

The request module allowed the sales department to process requests for products from customers. The sales department could fill out the requests for the cost of products in special forms for the production department. This module allowed to automatically generate commercial offers that took into account the unique conditions of contracts with a particular customer.

02 — Process

Order module

This module allowed the company to conduct all production activities in a single space and to effectively evaluate the labor required for the execution of a single order and all production activities in total. Each employee could quickly understand the situation when working on the order and adjust their work to a specific case. The management received the opportunity to predict the production load in the coming months.

02 — Process


This module allowed to work with the entire product range of the company in a single place. The introduction of the module allowed all company employees responsible for the product to quickly obtain information on the product composition, its cost, production methods, and stock balances.

02 — Process

Warehouse module

The introduction of this module allowed the employees of the sales and production departments to make requests for the movement of products and their components and to better understand the situation with stock balances. The employees of the logistics department were able to assign a transportation vehicle to the request, and all participants in the movement process received notifications of the works performed under the request.

02 — Process


This module allowed the company’s management to obtain reliable information about the activities of the entire company and individual departments. In particular, the reports clearly demonstrated the company’s workload, expenses, and income, as well as forecasts for them.

03 — Results

The implementation of the corporate information system developed by our team in the company’s business processes has increased the productivity of the entire company. The customer has received a system that completely meets all the tasks set at the start of the project as a result of development. The system architecture has been developed with due consideration for the future company growth and can easily be adapted to new functions.

07 — Technologies


Bootstrap CSS


PHP 7.2
kafka (through REST API)


Swift 4
Objective C
Core Data
Motis Object Mapping

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