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Mobile app for the newspaper
“Business Online”

Mobile apps

How we developed an app for the news portal, which significantly increased the average reader’s session and the overall audience reach

01 — Analytics

Goals and objectives

The challenge was to develop the modern, convenient, and reliable app for a large news aggregator. The functions were to be at least not worse than those of the existing website, and the offline operation was to be one of the key innovations.

  • Implementing a news feed with a caching mechanism for subsequent offline viewing;
  • Implementing functions for interacting with the community of readers: comments, reposts, etc;
  • Classifying content by types of the information.
02 — Process


Fulfillment of the tasks required to transfer the functions of the website adjusted for the new platform. Several basic modules were used to do so:

02 — Process

Main page

The main section of the app logically repeats the structure of the “Business Online” portal. There are news, photo and video galleries, and the top rated copyrighted analytical content. Users can comment or share any article on social networks, or save it in the “Favorites” for quick access in the future.

02 — Process

Content filtering

It allows a user to view relevant content according to the selected filter. For example, they can view only video content, and there will be more videos in the profile section than on the main page. The app works in sections with photos, news, and articles in a similar way.

02 — Process

Sports news

It allows to view only news from the world of sports. Initially, the logic and structure of the section fully corresponded to the general concept of the portal, but later module was independently developed as part of a separate app.

02 — Process


It is a key element of the app that allows it to continue running without an Internet connection after preliminary caching – for example, in the subway or on board of the airplane. The data is downloaded in the background and is almost not noticeable to the user.

03 — Results


A simple and user-friendly app was developed, which became a convenient alternative to browser reading and significantly increased the average session. According to the portal, it was downloaded more than a thousand times on the release day and installed by more than ten thousand users during the first year, of which more than half started using it on a regular basis, and 10 % launched it daily.

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